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Author Guidelines

REQUIREMENTS FOR MATERIALS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IN THE SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL “Economics Journal of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University”

Articles meeting the following requirements are submitted to journal:

The article should cover the actual topic; contain the results of in-depth scientific research and justification of the obtained scientific findings.

The article may be written in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish or English, carefully read by the author and correspond to the thematic content of the collection of scientific papers.

The work was not previously published in another journal, is not being considered for publication in another journal, all co-authors agree with the publication of the article.

Only articles with original author's text are submitted for publishing, no more than 10% of the borrowing must be made with references to the source.

By submitting an article to the journal the author thus agrees to place the full text on the Internet.

The authors consent to the collection and processing of personal data in order to be included in the database in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI “On Protection of Personal Data” of 01.06.2010. The names and emails specified by users of this publication's site will only be used for internal technical tasks; they will not be distributed and will not be passed on to unauthorized persons.

Review procedure:

 All materials submitted for publication in the journal “Economic Chronicle” undergo review in several stages:

  • the materials are reviewed to meet the journal content and article submission guidelines;
  • the article is reviewed for plagiarism;
  • materials are submitted to the reviewer. Based on the results of the review, the reviewer may give the recommendation to publish the article, send it for revision (with or without a re-review), refuse publication due to significant deficiencies of materials (with or without re-submission);
  • after confirmation that the article has been accepted for publication the author will be informed about payment reference.


The sequence of article structural elements:

- to the left – UDC (font size 12);

- starting from the next line to the right the metadata are given (information about the author(s) of the article
and its abstract part), which are placed consistently in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages ​​and consist the
following  parts:

- information about the author (surname, initials, academic rank and scientific degree, place of work or study,
position, town, E-mail) (bold, 12 points);

- through one line write the title of the article (in the language of the article) (bold, 14 points);

- abstract in Ukrainian, Russian (from 80 to 100 words), where the main idea of ​​the article is clearly formulated
and its relevance is justified;
- extended abstract in English (Abstract), which should be informative and original as well as reflect English is
at least 1800 characters.
An abstract in English (Abstract) should in fact be a brief overview of the article, its abstracting.

if the language of the article is English (Polish, Russian), then an abstract in the language of the article is
from 80 to 100 words, 12 points, and the abstract in Ukrainian is given in length of not less than 1800 characters,
including the keywords, the author's name and surname and the title of the article (12 points).
key words (5-8

The main body of the article is given through the one line. It should contain the following necessary elements (put
in bold type in the text of the article):

- setting of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

- an analysis of recent research and publications being the beginning of the solution to this problem and on which
the author relies;

- defining of previously uninvestigated issues which is part of the general matter to which the article is devoted;

- setting of the purpose of the article (setting of the problem); presentation of the main research material with
the full justification of the obtained scientific results;

- the results of the research and prospects for further investigation in this area (in accordance with the Decree
of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine “On Increasing the Requirements for Professional
Publications Listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine” dated January 15, 2003 No. 7-05 / 1).

-Through the line after the main text – Sources and literature (12 points);
The list of used literature is compiled in accordance with the Ukrainian standard of bibliographic description
(DSTU 8302:2015 “Information and documentation, Bibliographical reference. General requirements and rules of
compilation”). All sources from the literature list (approximately 8-15 sources) should be cited in the text of the
article, otherwise the corresponding element should be deleted. Bibliographic references should be made as follows:
one source – [1, p. 4], a few sources – [4, p. 55; 10, p. 15]. A link is also possible without specifying a page if
it is a general source. If the article to which the link has a digital identifier doi
(http://www.doi.org/index.html), it must be specified. References to unpublished works are not allowed. References
should contain a sufficient number of modern (over the last five years) sources on the research problem. The list
should include scientific articles of Ukrainian and foreign authors. A reference to the authors' own work (self-
citation) is allowed, but no more than 25% of the total number of sources. Names of sources in the list of
references are placed in the order of quotation in the text or in alphabetical order.
- through the line after the literature –References, which gives a list of Cyrillic sources in transliterated form 

(12 points);
-with the use of transliteration and its translation into English, where the same sources are located according to
the international APA bibliographic standard (http://www.apastyle.org/). The names of Cyrillic sources are
transliterated then in the square brackets the translation is given.

On-line converter:
http://translit.kh.ua/#passport (Passport CMU 2010).

Samples of the list of references / REFERENCES

 A sample of the article

Requirements for the text of the article. The volume of the main text of the article is 8-14 pages. Text material should be prepared in MS Word editor (* .doc). Page options: format A4, left margin – 2.5 cm, right margin – 1.5 cm, top and bottom margins – 2 cm, without footers and page numbering. Body text font is Times New Roman, point size (kegel) – 14, normal, avoid hyphenation. Parameters of the paragrap: line spacing – 1,5; first line indent – 1 cm; the interval between paragraphs is 0 mm.

The number of table material and illustrations should be relevant. The digital material is presented in a table with a serial number, alignment on the right edge (for example: Table 1) and the title (printed above the middle of the table in bold, for example: Calculation of Indicators for the Estimation of Investment Income). The text of the table is given in Times New Roman font, point size 12, interval 1.

The table format is only book!!!!!!

The image should be the only graphic object (i. e. grouped). For drawings in Excel you need to send an Excel file (97-2003) in addition to the article. Illustrations should also be numbered; they must have names that are specified outside the grouped graphic object (for example: Figure 1. Classification of Residual Income Indicators). Illustrative material must be contrast black and white, the way of filling in charts – dashed).

Formulas (with standard numbering) are executed in the editor of Microsoft Equation. Patterns and formulas must be available for editing. All graphic objects should not be scanned.

Distinguishing between dashes (-) and dashes (−) is mandatory as well as using quotes of such format «» («text»).

Selection of a text fragment is possible in italics (underscores are not allowed).

Quotes, tables, illustrations, all digital data are provided with binding references to sources. Each table and the figure should indicate the source (Source: ...). To submit the source you need to use the font “Times New Roman", 10 points.

It is unacceptable to use unencrypted abbreviations and for the first time introduced terms. All abbreviations should be decoded when first used.

Compliance is a must!
Responsibility for the content of the article is the author!

The article file should be named "LastName" (for example, "Stepanyuk_article").
To the article by a separate file ("Avt.dovidka_Stepanyuk") you must submit information about the author:


Title of the article ______________________________________ (in Ukrainian and English)

Surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree and academic rank, position of author (s) (in Ukrainian and English) _____________________________________________________________

ORCID (digital identifier of the author, which distinguishes you from any other researcher, supports the connection between you and your professional activity. You can obtain your unique ORCID ID by registering http://about.orcid.org, https://orcid.org/register) _________________________

Place of work, training, postal address, index, official telephone (institutions or organizations) (in Ukrainian and English) _____________________________________

Mailing address of the New Post, the department number, to which the editorial board sends a printed copy of the collection _______________________________________

Phone________________. E-mail ________________


Materials should be sent to e-mail: econom.faculty@gmail.com.

Published articles are sent to authors in PDF format.

The cost of publication (the volume from 8 to 14 pages) is 550 UAH (considering that the cost of the identifier of the digital object (DOI) is 100 UAH). The cost of an article in excess of 14 pages is formed at the rate of 550 UAH + 45 UAH for each subsequent page. The cost of publishing English-language articles is 200 UAH. One author's copy of the journal is sent to the author (authors) of the article. Additional copies must be warned in advance with the appropriate additional payment.

The fee for publication of the Doctors’ of Sciences individual articles is 100 UAH (the cost of the identifier of the digital object (DOI)).

If necessary, the author (authors) of the article of the printed copy of the magazine, an appropriate supplement is made in the amount of 150 UAH. for each copy.

Requirements for articles, recent issues of the journal, archive of numbers, different information is on the site of the publication: http://echas.eenu.edu.ua

On any issue of interest please contact the responsible secretary Kulinich Myroslava Bogdanovna (phone 0332-24-89-78, mobile tel. (066) -960-53-61).