Keywords: coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, accountant, management, cash flows


In conditions when a coronavirus pandemic is currently capable of destroying any business, enterprise costs must be based on disposable income. Economic uncertainty is growing, the changes that enterprises are currently experiencing are creating a whole new reality, requiring other management approaches and creating new problems for accountants.

The effectiveness of the inevitable changes largely depends on how well the analysis of the financial and economic condition of the enterprise and how well adapted business processes to the new reality. The importance of timely response to the coronavirus crisis and the role of the accountant in this process for the normal functioning of the enterprise have not yet been reflected in research.

The purpose of the article is to study the state and trends of the impact of COVID-19 on the financial and economic condition of enterprises and to develop recommendations for the actions of the accountant in the process of adaptation to new operating conditions in a coronavirus crisis.

Crisis exit planning involves the formation of an anti-crisis team, which must include an accountant, who usually has information about the most important processes in the company, and in addition to accounting often deals with areas such as communication, finance, human resources and information security.

To successfully overcome the crisis, enterprises must have sufficient financial resources. It is very important to understand the level of the enterprise's need for money and plan several different scenarios of cash flows to understand the probability and severity of the impact of each of them on the activities of the enterprise. According to the results of an online survey of business entities and business associations «Business activity during COVID-19», Ukrainian enterprises and organizations often do not have enough strength to work as usual in special quarantine conditions. It is important to identify ways and sources by which we can increase cash flows (for example, increase revenue and reduce or defer costs). It is likely that as a result of a prolonged pandemic, there will be a need to find other sources of income.

Regardless of the decisions made, those enterprises that develop their own anti-crisis scenarios in the early stages of a pandemic and turn to those who can offer quick and professional solutions will be well prepared to solve new problems.


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